As a renowned international businessman and global investor, Prince Alwaleed has undoubtedly been immensely successful in building his personal fortune and creating a global business empire through his corporation – Kingdom Holding Company [KHC] over the last 30 years. His prominence as a businessman has officially been acknowledged by hundreds of publications such as The New York Times as well as Time magazine, who labeled the Prince as the “Arabian Warren Buffett.”

During his career, the numerous high-level, multi-sector investment deals in Saudi Arabian, Middle Eastern and international companies that KHC has made has led to its founder and chairman, Prince Alwaleed, to be hailed as one of the world’s most influential names in investing.

Kingdom Holding Company

Kingdom Holding Company is a publicly listed, leading Investment Holding Company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With over 30 years of high-level investment experience in Saudi Arabian, Middle Eastern and International companies, KHC has been hailed as one of the world’s largest and most influential names in investment. Simply put, KHC is the world’s foremost value investor.

Led by its chairman, Prince Alwaleed, KHC utilizes the expertise of an elite team of multi-disciplined professionals to monitor and operate the global interests of the company.

Originally, KHC was established in 1980 as Kingdom Establishment for Commerce and Trade – a name changed to its current title in 1996.

By 2007, KHC had completed the transformation from a private company to a publicly listed operation with a cohesive mission and accountability to shareholders.

KHC’s holdings fall into two categories – international investments and Saudi Arabian / Regional investments.

Regardless of location, KHC has earned a reputation for both creative and strategic investment, uniquely focusing on its commitment to supporting “best of the best” enterprises around the world. The real strength of KHC’s overall portfolio lies in its diversity, with interests across sectors including aviation, consumer, media, entertainment, education, financial services, health care, hospitality, technology, petrochemicals, real estate, retail and travel. The Company uses detailed selection criteria based on minimum returns to maximize long-term returns for investors.

KHC’s strategic priority is to identify optimal opportunities in which to invest and realize value from undervalued or underperforming assets nationally and internationally.

Admired for its specialist investment expertise, KHC also operates a portfolio of hotels and holds majority interests in leading international hotel management companies. Consequently it has been recognized as one of the world’s largest hotel investment companies.

As a company, KHC values industry-leading innovation, commercial ambition, and seeking outstanding global opportunities. For this reason, KHC has developed a broad portfolio of holdings through some of the world’s most renowned companies and brands such as Citigroup, Four Seasons, Fairmount, Mövenpick, Swissotel, News Corporation, Samba, Apple, Time Warner, and Twitter.

KHC’s investment strategy is guided by a number of fundamental investment principles:

  • To focus on core growth and to identify value-added industry sectors
  • To invest in high performance companies that own leading brands
  • To maintain a longer-term approach to investments
  • To extract value from undervalued or under performing assets
  • To maximize Prince Alwaleed’s unique expertise in global investment as well as his international network of high-value contacts

KHC remains committed to operating to the very highest ethical and moral standards – a guiding principle that is extended to the Company’s ever-growing investment portfolio.

Rotana Group

In addition, Rotana Group is the media investment arm of HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal that is 80% owned personally and chaired by the Prince. Rotana is a multifaceted and diversified media company. Its extensive investments and involvements encompass, among others, an array of 12 television channels, radio stations, publications, media services, film productions, not to mention having the largest collection of Arabic movies in the world.

Furthermore, 21st Century Fox owns %19 stake in Rotana.

Alarab News Channel

Prince Alwaleed privately owns the new international news channel “Alarab”. The news channel will cover the latest developments

around the world and will also highlight political, social and economic issues in the Arab world and in Saudi Arabia. Alarab also has a an agreement with Bloomberg LP in which Bloomberg will support the creation of five-hours of financial and economic news programing throughout the day on the channel. The Alarab news channel is an independent venture from Kingdom Holding Company and the Rotana group that is an independent entity from KHC.